Bulk VAT Number Validation

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Bulk VAT Validator uses regular expression matches to check if a vat number is formatted correctly for a given country, if the format looks good it then performs a check against the official European Commission VIES database to check the validity of the number. The user interface is very easy to use and we've made the process very simple so administrative staff can easily use the service.

VAT Numbers should be externally verified whenever you do business with a VAT registered customer or supplier, preferably before being entered into any accounting system. It is also recommended to perform additional checks on a regular basis, e.g. once per quarter.

Step 1 Upload a CSV file

Choose between a 1 or 2 column CSV file to upload. If your VAT numbers have the required country prefix for example; a typical UK VAT number would be in the format GB289111588 you can upload a 1 column CSV. If the country prefix is held in a different column you can upload a 2 column CSV. There is also an option to set a default country prefix which is used if a prefix isn't found for a particular number.

Step 2 Wait for processing

Processing time very much depends on how many numbers are to be validated at any one time across our service, the service runs continuously in the background, so once you've uploaded your CSV file you can leave it and come back to it later.

Step 3 Download PDF or CSV

Once each batch is processed you then have the option of downloading a PDF report or a CSV file showing the validity of the numbers and the associated company data returned from the VIES service if a VAT number is found to be valid.


Plan A
£5 per month
50 VAT number checks per month
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Plan B
£10 per month
250 VAT number checks per month
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Plan C
£15 per month
500 VAT number checks per month
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Plan D
£30 per month
1000 VAT number checks per month
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Plan E
£45 per month
2000 VAT number checks per month
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Plan F
£80 per month
5000 VAT number checks per month
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Case Study

Euro Car Parts had a large number of VAT numbers they needed to validate, the VAT numbers that needed to be validated had already been entered into their supplier database but the formatting of numbers wasn't consistent. We worked with them to sanitise their data allowing them to validate thousands of supplier VAT numbers.

"We were a beta tester for the Bulk VAT Validator service, it has proved to be an essential service in helping achieve VAT compliancy for our company."
Yarin Connell - Group Tax Manager